Hi there! I'm nona, a non-binary, African-American artist.
I practice primarily on digital canvases, though I intend to expand
my mediums and make art that inspires others artistically and spiritually.
I love drawing others' characters, and am well fursed with anthropomorphic ones!

Aside from art, I enjoy traveling, gaming, and role playing!
Born and raised in Michigan, I was sheltered for most of my childhood
so I'm still experiencing lots of new things.

Nonaphi is my brand, and it's something I hold dear to me personally.
My fursona is apart of this, and might be featured in art as a form of expression.
I hope you'll be able to relate to and find solace in some of the artwork seen on my website.
Above all else, please remember that you're never alone.

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Thank you for visiting!


Custom Art of your character(s), sheered by a woolf.



By commissioning the artist, the client agrees to adhere to these terms.


I acknowledge that failure to uphold these expectations may result in dissatisfaction.

Communicate ideas and work with the client to achieve the imagined finish.
Refuse or refund commissions that cannot be completed regardless of the reason.
Treat the character with care by interpreting and portraying them genuine to personality.

Give honest, and realistic turnaround estimates.
Behave politely, and begin work once payment is received.
Await client approval of updates before persisting with the commission.
Allow three, slight alterations to the work before charging or considering a refund.
Inform the client with updates, questions, or anything pertaining to the commission weekly.

Make minor changes if needed, and fix honest mistakes freely.
Retain ownership of images created unless royalties are purchased.
Feature commissioned art on social media unless otherwise is explicitly requested.


Failing to meet these expectations may result in blacklisting.


It is the client's responsibility to pay the invoice in full by the due date specified.
Provide communication if unable to pay immediately.

Give honest feedback!
Rude behavior will not be tolerated.
Refrain from messaging more than once per week.

Do not tamper with signature/logo, instead request a relocation.
Do not edit the image in any way under any circumstance.
Upload the finished commission for non-commercial use.


Prices shown are estimates, do not includes fees, and may vary depending on:
sizing, render, complexity or other factors.
They are nonnegotiable.

PayPal is my supported and preferred payment method.
Alternatives (such as CashApp, gift cards, etc.) may be discussed.
I do not accept currencies that do not have monetary value unless stated otherwise.
Payment plans are offered to those with a bill of anything equal to or above 45 USD.

If requested, clients will only be refunded what was not completed.
For example, when 75% of a piece is complete, 25% can be refunded.
Full refunds are only given if the client asks for one before I've begun, or I issue it.


Below are additional options for your commission! Their price will be applied to the sum.


Chibis are a stylistic choice where the proportions are more dramatic than usual.

25% off the original price!


Couple or group art falls into this category!

Character Amount x Original Price


Let's immerse the character in their world!
Simple scenes are mostly flat, while complex scenes have depth.

Simple+95 USD
Complex+200 USD


I hope you're as excited as I am!

CURRENT TURNAROUND: 2 weeks — 1 month

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To complete your order, please fill out the form below and I will respond ASAP.
Thank you for your support!